How to get those huge chests?

One thing every body builder or gym enthusiast wishes to have is a bigger pecs. Building your chest muscles is a primary requisite to have aesthetically pleasing physique. Building chest muscles may sound difficult but it is no rocket science. With few tips, good amount of hardwork and dedication combined with little bit of training can help you get the pecs of your dream. Let’s see few of these exercises.

  • Pushups – Pushups are the most recommended exercise for good chest muscles, since they focus on upper chest muscles and shoulders. Try doing simple push-up exercises as they do not require any high end instruments or sophisticated professional guidance. Even as less as 3 sets of 15 pushups each are sufficient to begin with. You can keep increasing the count gradually.
  • Bar Dips – Bar dips might be an underrated exercise but are quite useful for getting muscular chest. Start with as wide as you can grip. Drop low and heave yourself only halfway up while kicking your feet back and keep moving your body forward. A few bar dips each day can help you get your dream chest.
  • Perform cable flyes – This is a must do activity. Put the handles at the cable as low as possible and lay on floor. Perform regular fly but don’t let the elbow touch the floor, as this activates the pecs and helps build better chest muscles.
  • Engage your core – Any chest exercise should involve tensing your abs for adding power. Perform 10-second set of the plank in between your chest press exercise. This will keep your chest and core engaged throughout the workout thus building stronger chest.
  • Few other exercises which can be practiced are Rotational press ups, shuffle press ups, Diamond press up, Gorilla press ups as well as cross-over press up, one arm press up and few others.
  • Lift weight – Challenge yourself and lift as much as weight possible. However, take care not to tear your muscles. Try doing reps with different amount of weight. You can surely manage to do 8-10 reps of without having to put down the weights. Keep increasing the number of reps and weight gradually.
  • Dietary Habits – There is a misconception that bigger muscles come from consuming lots of calories. Make sure you stay away from high calorie food stuff, fried items and fast foods. Consume whole grains, food rich in protein such as lean meat, eggs, nuts and beans as well as green leafy vegetables. Vitamin and mineral rich food is essential.
  • Consider taking supplements – It is considered useful and safe to use a mixture of creatine, amino acids along with water or milk few times a day. Protein shakes, protein bars also help in gaining muscles.

The above tips if followed regularly can surely help you build good chest muscles. However, if you do not take proper care while performing these it can damage your muscles and cause pain. Following are few warnings to ensure proper practice:

Warnings –

  • Don’t start with too much weight as it can cause muscle pulling, It is always better to start with lighter weight and then move on to higher ones.
  • Dedicate few hours of a day to your regime. Do not overdo exercise or over strain yourself as it may damage your muscles or cause serious injuries.
  • While doing dips take care of your shoulder. Stop your practice if you experience continuous pain.
  • Make sure you do all your exercise properly and under professional guidance.
  • Leave at least 100 hours between working on same muscle group to prevent soreness and tissue damage.
  • Do not jump onto exercise without warm up. It is always recommended to spend few minutes doing warm up every time you start exercising.
  • Consult a healthcare professional immediately incase of any persistent pain. It is also advisable to consult your doctor before you begin your regime.
  • Do not skip meals. Since you would be exerting yourself make sure you have proper diet.
  • Importantly, don’t doubt yourself. Even if slowly you can surely get the desired result with dedicated practice and trusting yourself.

Achieving those dream muscles is not an easy task. You need to exercise daily to achieve desired results. Do not give up in weeks if you do not see the desired changes. Consistency is the key, so keep exercising regularly and dedicatedly. There are no short-cuts here and even if you come across few easy ways, they will not help in long run and may also have several side effects. Regular practice, dedication, proper diet and required precautions can help you get bigger chest. Remember “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.“

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