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Flaunting a lean, deeply-chiseled abs is a dream of every guy. A flat belly and a six pack structure contribute to the perfect physique and make you look good. If you have a flat stomach you can wear almost any kind of clothes and look awesome in them. A flat belly can also help in keeping lifestyle related diseases at bay. Getting a six pack belly may sound bit difficult, unachievable task but the fact is it is within the reach of every man who is ready to put in efforts for it. Exercise combined with healthy diet and determination can help you achieve those dreams abs. Following are few tips –

  • Calculate your body fat percentage – Six packs can be seen when your body fat percentage drops down to 13% for guys and 17% for girls. Though there can be few exceptions to this, getting a six packs surely needs lower fat percentage.
  • Once you know your weight and fat content sketch a regime.
  • Perform abs-specific exercise – At least five times a week make sure you are exercising for your abs. Each exercise should include 3-4 sets with as many reps as possible. Lying straight on a bench with legs raised targets lower abs. You can also perform elevated free abs crunches.
  • Sit ups – Sits up are simple and easy way to achieve good structure. It burns calories and makes your muscles stronger. You can start with few sit ups in each session and gradually increase the number to achieve desired result. Jackknife sits ups can prove beneficial.
  • Butt-ups – Be in push-up position with your elbows and forearms on floor and move your glutes as high as possible and then lower it slowly.
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) – Crunches and abs exercises are crucial, but so are cardiovascular ones especially when one wants to lose fat. Any form of cardiovascular exercise which increases your heart beat and makes you sweat is good for losing fat. Swimming, running and cycling are few of these. Try these at least 3-5 times a week and for an hour each time.
  • Lift weights – Resistance training is very important for restricting muscle loss. With reduced diet and cardiovascular workout you may lose muscles including abs muscle. So always combine your workout with weight lifting exercises. However, do not overstrain yourself.
  • Healthy diet – Avoid processed food, instead opt for well-balanced one. Eat items made of whole grains and rich in vitamins and minerals. Keep away from deep fried, heavily salted or over sweet foodstuff. Make sure your meals include fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and lean protein.
  • Diet plan – Calculate your calorie intake for each day and consume food accordingly. Eat heavy breakfast and good amount of lunch, but restrict your intake of dinner. Consume healthy food at regular intervals. You can have high carb diet during breakfast and post-cardio workout. Substitute your soda drink with water
  • Protein supplements are helpful. Consider consuming protein shakes, protein bars and similar items.
  • Right amount of sleep – Sleeping properly keeps you fit and fine. Do not miss on your daily quota of sleep.

Following are few precautions to be taken:

  • Do not overdo your exercises in the hurry to get faster results. Fix a schedule and follow it sincerely.
  • Warm up before any kind of exercise if essential. Never skip warm ups.
  • Focus on exercises that help you get good abs, but do not ignore other forms of workout. Chalk out a regime that includes combination of different types of exercises.
  • Do not suddenly increase the count. For any time of exercise the number of times you perform each set, should be increased gradually. Try to break your comfort level but do not do it all of a sudden.
  • Consult your doctor before exercise. Check your blood pressure, blood-glucose level and other crucial points before you begin with your schedule.
  • If you experience persistent pain, tingling or breathlessness, seek medical help immediately.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable shoes to avoid damage to feet while performing exercises.
  • Consume enough amount of fluid in form of water, juices or shakes.

Getting six packs belly is not a day’s job. You need to work on it continuously for few months before you see the desired results. So do not give up hope if you are not able to see results in first few days. Put in efforts, consume healthy diet, keep away from junk food, exercise regularly and follow a strict routine to get your dream physique. Remember nothing worth having comes easy, so if you wish to have strong abs try hard.

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