Few amazing third generation smartphones

Mobile phones were born when few of the mobile radio users made use of the technology to communicate with one another. From being stationary, the phone technology was explored to be mobile in real sense. Mobile phone industry has witnessed smart evolution starting from first generation phone to today’s third and fourth generation smartphones. Today’s mobile industry is flooded with innumerable options in smartphones and every user is very much used to keep their possession updated with the latest release in the smartphones. Let’s have a glance through some of the amazing third generation smartphones which might be a worth giving a look into.

  1. LG L-series: LG has released L series phones in February 2014 during the Mobile World Conference. There are in all 3 models of the phones that were released. The trio comes pre- loaded with Android 4.4 KitKat supported by 1.2 GHz dual core processors. The phones come in a metallic frame along with a Quick window case which allows the user to view the date and time without opening the case. Out of the three models, the top end model comes with a 4.7 inch display which features 960*540 pixel resolution along with a 5MP or 8MP camera based on the market. The hardware consists of 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage supported by removable 2,100 mAh battery. On the other hand the lower end model L40 comes with 3.5 inch 480*320 pixel display, a 3MP camera, 512 MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The mid model LG L70 comes with a 4.5-inch with an IPS display packing a 400×800 pixels resolution with front facing VGA camera. All three phones were expected to hit the market by first quarter of 2014.
  2. iPhone 3GS: The third generation iPhones was represented by iPhone 3GS. It is a touchscreen smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The phone was the successor to iPhone 3G. The 3-GS model was released on July, 2009 to the worldwide mobile users. The phone runs on the Apple’s iOS operating system, and usually controlled by user’s fingertips on a multi- touch display. It was succeeded by iPhone 4 in 2010; however the model 3GS continued in production till 2012 until iPhone 5 was announced. Improvements in this phone was pertaining to performance, camera with higher resolution and video ability, voice control and support for 7.2 Mbit/s HSPDA downloading. Mainly the new features revolved around the phone’s speed. The 3GS model was speedier and was 2x faster than its predecessor. This model was powered by internal 3.7 V 1220 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, and was designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity. Battery life indicator in terms of % was an added feature in 3GS.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S III: Samsung revealed one of its third generation smartphone Galaxy S III in May 2012. It was one of the models which was truly designed for humans but inspired by nature. The phone could recognize voice, understand the intention and also lets the user share the moments instantly. The device comes with 4.8 inch HD saver AMOLED display. As far as camera is concerned, it comes with 8MP camera along with 1.9MP front camera for video calling. The camera offer intelligent features such as face recognition which ensures the moments are captured instantly and smartly at the same time. The phone came with pre- loaded Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich packed with greater usability and practicality features which makes the phone smartphone in true sense. Amongst the new features added to the phone is the feature of natural interaction. It is well equipped to recognize user’s face, voice and motions. With an innovative feature of ‘Smart Stay’, the device recognizes the actions of user like whether user is viewing a movie or reading an e-book, and accordingly adjusts the brightness of the display. Another feature worth mentioning would be ‘S voice’, which is an advanced natural language interface, using which the device would listen and respond accordingly. Moreover the feature would allow the user to control basic device functionalities. For example: User can snooze an alarm by saying the word aloud. This feature can also be used to perform other functions such as sending and receiving messages, organizing emails, making and receiving calls and also listening to music of interest. Overall the device provides an ergonomic and comfortable experience through its human-centric design. Wi-Fi Channel Bonding offered by the device doubles the Wi-Fi bandwidth. In addition to the mentioned features, the phone features which also boost the performance and overall user experience in entirely different and intuitive way and manner.
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