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We see so many people around us who are successful in their field. Some of these had selected their careers from childhood itself, few others landed up in different careers accidently and there are still few others who started in a different career but later discovered their dreams and worked hard to achieve them. So, if you are wondering whether it’s a right time to change your career, then remember it is never too late to chase your dreams. Following few examples will probably motivate you to pursue your dreams.

  • Julia Child – Her story will make you wonder if it’s a reality or a movie script. Julia started her career as a copywriter, writing for local publications and advertising until she was 29 years. After college, she started as a copywriter and started writing for local publications, and in advertising till she was 29. She later worked for Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a United States intelligence agency during World War II where she dealt with lot of highly classified information. Later she moved to Paris with her husband and was introduce to the fine cuisine. It was then she decided to attend the famous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and studied there with other master chefs. She was a famous television personality and author who shared her culinary skills with American audience. Julia was recognized for brining French cuisine to the American public with her debut cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking and her notable television program The French Chef.
  • Walt Disney – Another classic example is Walt Disney. Disney’s love for art and carton was visible since early childhood. He created cartoons for school newspaper, drawing patriotic topics for World War I. He dropped from school and went to join army but was rejected for being underage. He then joined Red Cross and was sent to France for a year where he drove ambulance. Later he worked for a newspapers and magazines to create advertisements. He worked as a newspaper editor but was fired because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. Disney then went ahead to became a famous cartoonist, filmmaker and voice actor. He founded the entire new empire of Walt Disney Company. He and his staff created the famous Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. He is a proud recipient of several awards and nominations.
  • Brad Pitt – Brad Pitt, a well known American actor and film producer has received several awards and Academy Award nominations. As a student he aspired to become a journalist and enrolled in University of Missouri majoring in Journalism and focusing on advertising. Two weeks before earning his degree, Pitt left the University and moved to Los Angeles. He spent several months working as a driver for limousine chauffeuring strippers from one bachelor party to next. Prior to this, he also dressed up as a giant chicken and stood outside of an “El Pollo Loco” restaurant waving to cars. He joined acting classes and shortly after, accompanied a classmate as her scene partner for audition and got signed instead. His first job was a television actor and he made his big screen debut with the film Cutting Class. And the rest of his success is known to us all.
  • Ken Jeong – Jeong is an American actor, comedian and physician. He gained popularity with his roles as Ben Chang on the famous NBC comedy series Community and as an Asian gangster Leslie Chow in The Hangover Trilogy. Jeong completed his undergraduate studies from Duke University and later obtained his M.D. degree from University of North Carolina. While completing his internal medicine residency at Ochsner Medical Centre he started developing as a stand-up comedian. His wife pursued him to quit his job as internist and pursue full time career in acting. He made his first film debut in Knocked Up as a doctor and there was no looking back from there.
  • Ellen DeGeneres – Next in our list is Ellen Lee DeGeneres. She is a well known comedian, television host, actress, writer and a television producer. Prior to starting her career as a comedian, she did clerical work in a law firm. She also held a job selling clothes at the chain store the Merry-Go-Round. She did several other odd jobs like working at J.C. Penny, at T.G.I. Friday and other restaurants as waitress and also worked as a house painter, a hostess and a bartender. Infact she says she owes most of her comic work to her childhood and earlier experiences.
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