How to look good for your interview?

Interviews are an important step to gain employment. Apart from answering the questions asked during interviews and the discussions few other components play a vital role in creating an impression. Your etiquettes and communication skills help you gain edge over your competitors.

Dress – Your first impression during interview is very important, and it depends on your dressing. Your dressing reflects your attitude, seriousness towards winning the job and presentation.

Dressing Tips for Men

  1. A single- breasted suit is appropriate for most professional interviews.
  2. White or light color shirts are a best choice, preferably a cotton one. The shirt should always be full sleeves.
  3. Ties – A non-flashy tie with a sober patterns or design is recommended. It should match well with the shirt, should be grease free and preferably of silk or similar material.
  4. Clean, polished dark colored shoes with dark socks.
  5. Minimal cologne, a strict no to a strong perfume/deodorant.
  6. Well groomed hairstyle and properly trimmed/shaved beard and moustache.
  7. Avoid accessories like earring, tacky rings or other fashion stuffs.

Dressing for Women

  1. A black pant with a light color formal shirt is a best way to dress for interview.
  2. However, Indian formals like a non-fancy salwar kameez or an elegant saree also gives a formal look.
  3. Comfortable non-flashy shoes with conservative heels.
  4. No bright multicolored purses.  Carry a formal single colored office purse or a briefcase.
  5. Clean, manicured nails with conservative colors.
  6. Makeup should be minimal and perfume/deodorant with a pleasant fragrance.
  7. Simple accessories.
  8. Professional hairstyle, with no frails or hair troubling you.

Few other useful tips

  1. Body language speaks volumes, so pay special attention to it during interview. Do not fold your hands, or lean back. Maintain good eye contact and lean a little forward while putting forth a point. Do not fumble or play with your finger, it reflects nervousness.
  2. Realize the power of smile – A smile reflects confident, pleasant nature.
  3. Greeting people reveals your attitude and nature. Remember to have a confident handshake. Never shake with your left hand in trouser and always stand for a handshake. While shaking hand carry a smile on face, establish eye contact and mention your name or greetings.
  4. Also, while leaving the room take care to thank everybody by making an eye contact and shaking hands.
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