Tips for taking care of your feet in chilling winter

Your feet endure most when you neglect them. They carry you everywhere and bear your weight, so they deserve a lot of care. Foot care is necessary irrespective of seasons, however during winter you need to put in extra efforts.

Heel or ankle aches and pains is also a common problem during winter. Cold weather causes cracking of skin, which could lead to bleeding as well. Wearing uncomfortable and tight shoes can cause shoe bites and sores. Here are few tips for keeping your feet beautiful,

  • The best precaution to prevent damage to feet is by wearing adequate layer of insulation like thick socks and good shoes. This will protect feet from severe cold.
  • Socks made of natural material like cotton or wool help prevent moisture build up and thus hinder the growth of microorganisms.
  • Removing rough skin by exfoliating is helpful. Use a scrubber, pumice stone or a filler to remove the dead skin. Filing should be done on dry feet to avoid sores.
  • Use moisturizer regularly to avoid the cracking of skin. Petroleum jelly, olive or coconut oil also proves beneficial.
  • Take proper care of you toenails, trim them properly and remove the cuticles around. And girls can enjoy playful colors to add shine to them.
  • Soaking your feet in tub of warm water along and proper cleansing with shower gel will help in keeping them soft and clean. However, avoid using hot water as it can cause dehydration.
  • A manicure or a foot mask will give your feet a nice look.
  • For those suffering from diabetes needs to be extra cautious as diabetic foot can invite undesirable problems. Wearing proper shoes to prevent cuts and sores is foremost. Checking feet regularly for any bruises is needed. Keep your feet clean and dry helps prevent infections. Dryness causes cracks, so moisturizing them regularly is essential.

Good looks need to be accompanied with gorgeous feet. So do not neglect your feet. Take proper care to avoid scars and cracks.

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