“His” health care tips after 40’s

Women suffer from menopause after the age of 40-45yrs, while men start suffering from Manopause (a term newly coined by Times Magazine) after 40 yrs. A lot of research and talk is done on problems associated with women after 40. However, complications related to men’s health are rarely discussed or noticed. But, similar to women even men’s health undergoes undesirable changes after 40.

Most of the men over 40 suffer from health issues likes – high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, depression, trouble in urinating, impotency, peptic ulcers and other chronic pains. Many times men neglect their health and tend to take these issues less seriously. However, it is crucial that they start paying attention to their health in order to live a healthy and better life.

Lifestyle choices play an important role in determining the health of an individual.

  • Eating healthy and fresh food is a key to good health. Include sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits in your regular diet. Try to have yoghurt or curd for better digestion. Fiber rich foodstuff will improve your bowel movement and avoid constipation.
  • Cut down on aerated and high sugar drinks, especially if you are suffering from diabetes. Fresh fruit juices without sugar are recommended.
  • Exercising regularly, brisk walks, yoga or some sport activity helps in maintaining good blood circulation and hence the health.
  • Most of the diseases if detected earlier can be treated. Early diagnosis of high cholesterol, diabetes, cancers (through screenings), and blood pressure will help in getting better care on time and reduce further complications.
  • A lot of eye problem can creep in after 40. A regular eye checkup, along with hygienic use of lens or spectacle is needed.
  • A visit to an andrologist or sexologist will help in solving issues and doubts regarding the hormonal changes and sexual problems.
  • Regular dental examination and cleaning is recommended every 6 month to 1 yr.
  • Bone mass gradually decreases after 40. Regular screening and healthy calcium rich diet combined with weight-bearing exercises, helps in reducing the chances of fractures and other bone issues.
  • Annual vaccination is crucial to keep diseases away.
  • Handle your mental problem carefully. Take help of medical advisors or friends to reduce your depressions and anxiety.

Life after 40 is not as bad as we fear. It has lot of surprises. Job security, sufficient money, stability, a complete family and ability to enjoy are something you gain during 40s. So keep your diseases at bay and enjoy your life to its fullest.

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