Train your soul with meditation & yoga

‘Prevention is better than cure’, a slogan which we all would like to imbibe, and yoga combined with meditation is a smart way to achieve it. Yoga and meditation have been practiced since ages to achieve better mental and physical health; it not only prevents diseases but also abates certain illnesses.

Yoga is an ancient practice used for harmonizing body, mind and spirit. Meditation is a type of yoga focused on rest of mind while reaching state of consciousness. Origin of yoga dates back to pre-Vedic times. There are several evidences of yoga being practised by Buddhist and other religions. It was introduced to western world in late 19th century. By 1980s it became a popular form for physical and mental exercise in Western countries.

One of the popular form of yoga is Harta yoga, it comprises of exercise, breathing and meditation. Various exercises in yoga help to achieve better body posture and flexibility. Yoga assist human body to increase energy, helps in weight loss, reduces pain, relieve acidity, heartburns and achieve all round fitness. They can be useful to control certain chronic diseases like cardiac or cardiovascular problems, soothe bone/muscular problems, increase immunity as well as control mood swings, depressions and anxiety; and also to improve concentration and learning efficacy. Breathing exercises have lot to offer both in terms of physical and mental health. Yogic breathing or Pranayama is defined as ‘control of life forces’. It increases the energy of mind and body. Apart from the several advantages Pranayama has on our digestive and respiratory system, its variations also helps in regulating stress response, mitigating depression and anxiety, calming nerves, and increasing concentration.

Meditation offers numerous benefits to body, mind and soul. Some of the important benefits of meditation are – emotional steadiness and harmony, personal transformation, self realization, cosmic consciousness, peace of mind and soul. It directly leads to a happier and stress free life.

Yoga and meditation play an important role in maintaining body and soul wellness. In today’s fast paced and stressful life, yoga is a key to relax our minds and souls. It will not just keep us fit and fine, but also happier and healthier. And a happy soul will be able to lead a better life and maintain good relationships.

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