Maintenance tips for your long grown nails

Who doesn’t want to have long, strong and beautiful nails? Though we all want to flaunt neatly kept healthy nails, it is considered to be a tedious task. Let us have a look at some simple ways to maintain stunning and long nails

  • An important way to take care of your nails is by not biting them. Few of us, have this bad habit of biting nails, which damages their growth, look and even luster. Buy some bitter tasting polishes and apply them on the tip, every time you try to bite, the bitter taste will stop you from doing so.
  • File your nails regularly. Naturally nails grow in uneven manner, and uneven nails tend to break often. Filing them at least once a week will keep them neat and prevent breakage.
  • Nails get damaged due to chemicals used for household cleaning. Wearing gloves while handling chemicals help prevent the damage.
  • Applying moisturizer regularly, and sunscreen while going in sun.
  • Regular manicures which includes filing, massage, cuticle care is beneficial
  • Avoid acetone based nail remover, they tend to dry your nails.
  • Include good amount of protein in your diet like fish, egg, sprouts and meat. Stay hydrated. Intake of multivitamins also seems to have good affect on nails
  • Olive oil is a magic ingredient for your hands and nails. It not only moisturizes your nails but also provides strong antioxidant like vitamin A and E for repair and renewal of your nails. Almond oil can also be used.

The above tips are just few ways for keeping your nails healthy. However, it is not possible to get gorgeous nails overnight; it is a continuous process and requires immense patience. For those who would want to show off long nails, artificial nail is a lucrative alternative. Acrylic, gel or silk nails are available in market; however they too need good amount of care.

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