Taking care of your hair in humid weather

Those who have visited hot and humid tropical regions or those who stay there, will tell you that taming your frizz is a very difficult task in such climate. You can wear a cap or scarf to protect your hair from sun and carry an umbrella or raincoat for protection against water, but there is little that you can do to prevent damage to hair from humidity. However, you cannot let your locks suffer on account of humidity and leave them unattended, so here are few ideas of taking care of hair in humid weather.

  • Avoid drying your hair with hairdryer in humid climate. Heat can damage shaft of the hair making them frizzy. Similarly curling or straightening using iron can also damage hair.
  • Select your shampoo and conditioner carefully. Shampoos with shea butter or olive oil are good but avoid products like mineral oil or petroleum jelly.
  • While using conditioner avoid rubbing roughly on scalps. Place it on palm and apply on wet hair, make sure you coat the ends of your hair. Wash off the conditioner with cold water.
  • Anti-humidity spray or serum are worth a try in humid climate
  • Avoid over combing hair.
  • A deep treatment with olive oil or coconut oil keeps puffiness under control.
  • Opt for hairdos like messy buns, fishtails braids, sleek ponytails which are more convenient.
  • Finger combing or wide- toothed comb instead of brush.
  • A satin sleep cap or pillowcase will protect hair from being frizzy.
  • Food containing whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat diary food, lean protein like fish will help keep your hair healthy.

Free flowing gorgeous locks are a dream of every girl; even boys do envy their friends with cool hairstyles. Though taking care of hair in humid climate is a tedious task, it is worth the effort.

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