Mixing your social and professional life wisely

We all are living a pretty hectic life these days. Maintaining a healthy work-family balance is a biggest challenge faced by us. With increasing work hours, packed schedules and enormous tension, it has become difficult to find time for self and loved ones. Work intrusion into the little private and personal space that we have, leads to friction in relationships.

The love of your family and admiration of your friends is much more important than wealth and privilege. For leading a happy life it is necessary to strike a good balance between professional and social/personal life. We have listed few simple ways to achieve it.


  • Prepare a list of tasks you plan to do for the entire day. This list should include both your personal as well as professional commitments. Check the ones which are done and continue working on the unachieved ones.
  • Prioritize your responsibilities. Sometimes attending your kid’s annual day function can be more important than a team meeting. You are the best person to decide your priorities.
  • Keep an eye on your schedule. You can hurry up certain task in case you are running late. Try to have sufficient buffer, so that you don’t land up cramping your schedules.
  • Make a conscious effort to wipe your mind when you leave your office. Don’t carry your work or tensions home. Spend that precious time with your family or friends.
  • Make sure you have meals together as family, enjoy a TV show or spend some quality time in talking to each other. Planning weekend outings with friends or loves ones give you the much needed break and brightens your mood.
  • Socializing in person is much better than being on social sites for hours. Rather than updating your status continuously on various sites, make a phone call to your friend and inform your state. Share your happiness and discuss you problems, they understand you in a much better manner than the hundred of acquaintances on social networking sites.
  • If you cannot remember dates, set reminders. Call a friend or visit a loved one than just wishing online. For your professional work as well reminders work best.
  • Give surprises and witness the happiness that springs on seeing those. Make someone feel special with small gifts.

Remember that at the end of your life, it would be the memories that you left behind which would matter the most. Your organization will still function without you, but the vacuum of your absence would be felt by your family and friends whom you could never give time.

Success isn’t measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your happiness and peace.

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