Most searched keywords on popular search engines

Millions and billions of words and phrases are being searched on internet daily. Some of the leading search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Qwant, Munax, Baidu and so on. These search engines are basically programs for searching information on World Wide Web so as to extract data in the form of images, web pages, and other formats on basis of the inputs provided as keywords or key phrases. At times these results also mine data from other available databases and presents to the users. Approach and way of the program makes them favourite amongst the users. Intense research needs to be carried out before a programmer writes code which can efficiently serve as search engine. Amongst the options available Google leads the list with approx 69% search share in Mar 2014.

The success of Google is mainly attributed to patented program known as PageRank which helps to rank the web pages matching the keywords searched for. This is mainly done by assessing the white hat backlinks that determines the site’s importance. This is contrary to how other search engines work because they rank the sites based on how often they appeared in the results or how strong they are associated with the results. In addition Google also returns items such as synonyms, weather forecasts, stock quotes etc apart from keywords search.

At the security front, Google has been taking steps to enhance their search engine by making it secure and more efficient as compared to others. Many analytic tools are used to access keywords that are most frequently searched online, but users may or may not want the search history to be visible to others. Therefore this enhanced security helps to encrypt the data, and making it inaccessible to third party sites. Google not only caches the web pages but also takes snapshots of other file types which are relevant to the words searched for.

If we happen to look into the keywords which are most frequently searched for in Google, we have many and the list is very dynamic and keeps on changing every single minute. To enlist few, we have words such as games, celebrities, career, fashion, courses, porn, employment and many more. One can search for these keywords either in body text, URL or headline of the links returned in the results page by appropriately typing in operators while searching for respective keyword. It’s basically how we search matters the most rather than what we are searching for. Refinement in our approaches of searching is the key to derive the best hit out of any search engine.

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