And the famous YouTube video award goes to…

Since the day of the inception of YouTube, the online video sharing website has received huge response from users where they can upload and share videos and make it go viral within seconds. We all have experienced viewing such viral videos and no doubt enjoyed watching them, some with our family and some with our friends. Let’s have a glimpse on the top 5 famous YouTube videos which is worth mentioning that it has reached to different classes of the society within few minutes.

  • Gangnam Style: The song released in July 2012, and sung by South Korean musician Psy became the very first YouTube video to receive billion views within the first 5 months of its launch. The phrase ‘Gangnam Style’ refers to a lifestyle of Gangnam District of Seoul. The popularity of the video was because of its catchy beats and also the amusing dance moves showcased in the video. The video also won several awards amongst which worth mentioning is the recognition by Guinness Book of World Records as the most liked video on YouTube.
  • Baby: Song composed by Canadian artist Justin Bieber was released from singer’s debut album ‘My World 2.0’. The song beautifully blends dance pop along with hip-hop music. It proved to be a commercial hit and topped the music charts in many countries including France, U.K. and others. The video of this song remains the second most viewed video of all-time on YouTube. Surprisingly, the video also received maximum dislikes until it lost to Rebecca Black’s Friday.
  • On the Floor: The song recorded by renowned music artist Jennifer Lopez bags the third award in the list. The song features the Cuban rapper Pitbull and is the lead single from the album ‘On the Floor’. It has good influence of Eurodance, Latin Dance and also Techno music which gives it a different punch. The video was backed by lavish production. Also the styling and the choreography was well received by the critics around the globe who felt that the video highlighted Lopez’s abilities as a dancer.
  • Charlie Bit My Finger: 56-second long video featuring two English brothers both aged three and one named Harry and Charlie respectively was shot by their father Howard Davies-Carr, when the younger one bit his elder brother’s finger. The video was viewed by approximately 730 million users. The video was a simple attempt by their father to capture the childhood of both the boys. At the initial glance the video stood out to be a normal video for upload and share but it was after few days when their father realized it was funny.
  • Love the Way You Lie: This is a song sung by hip-hop artist Eminem from his album ‘Recovery’. The music video showcases Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox in a disturbed relationship along with Eminem and Rihanna besides a burning house. The video received mixed reactions due to the domestic violence that it had as one of its element. The song received many praises and as well as it was nominated for Grammy awards.
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