Recycling of domestic wastes: Top class innovation

Domestic waste is waste generated as a result of the ordinary day-to-day activities in household. Domestic waste constitutes a considerable volume of waste produced and is responsible for increasing landfills. However, most of the domestic waste can be reused.

  1. Compost – Composting is basically breaking down the organic material like kitchen and garden waste and converting into manure which can be used as fertilizer for gardening. This is one of the oldest and most useful recycling processes. Not only does it decrease the amount of waste but also provide useful manure for better plants.
  2. Bring banks –The concept of bring bank has revolutionized the idea of recycling. Many countries have set wonderful examples of recycling everything from glass bottles, cardboards, drink cans to plastics. Ireland in particular has around 2000 bring banks. Some bring banks also have collection bins for unwanted clothes. These bring banks collect used items which are later recycled. Ireland’s Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government has initiated various awards like Tidy Town Award, Repak Tidy Towns Best Bring Bank Award and many more to create awareness and support environment.
  3. UK recycling policy aims at continuously improving method of recycling and focuses mainly on glass, paper, plastic and metal cans. There is a high recycling rate for metal cans as they are the most commonly used items. Metals can be recycled indefinitely, and aluminium cans use just 5% of the energy needed to produce them from scratch. Also, it can be easily separated from other recycles using magnets.
  4. India and few other countries have been producing biogas since ages from livestock waste. This not only reduces the consumption of coal and wood, but also reduces the waste. Biogas plants are easy to setup, require minimal maintenance and are sometimes subsidised by government and environmental agencies.

Various recycling methods are needed to avoid the enormous waste accumulation. Roads made from plastics, recycled paper, recycled plastic bags and using wastes to create decorative items are the need of hour. Recycling itself alone can help preserve environment to a large extent.

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