List of most famous WAGs

WAG is an acronym used to refer wives and girlfriends of popular sportsmen. WAGs are in limelight and their personal lives are always followed closely due to their association with high-famed sportsmen. Some of these are celebrities themselves and known. More

November 8

Babies born with silver spoon in their mouth

Babies of famous Hollywood stars, sports personalities, business tycoons and other celebrities generally receive fame even before they are born. Their photos sell magazines, initiate clothing trends and also keep their parents in news cycles. Apart from fame these kids. More

November 4

They are famous game changers

We see so many people around us who are successful in their field. Some of these had selected their careers from childhood itself, few others landed up in different careers accidently and there are still few others who started in. More

October 31

Celebrities who love controversies

Celebrities are always in limelight and any positive or negative news related to them spreads like wildfire. A lot many celebrities also get entangled in controversies, which is of course a part and parcel of their shining life. But there. More

October 24

Old age illness and taking care of old people

Old age associated diseases are defined as those whose frequency increases with senescence. Of roughly 150,000 people who die each day across globe, about two thirds die due to age-related causes. In industrialized nations, the proportion is much higher. Examples. More

October 18

Amazing gift ideas for bridal showers

Bridal shower is a great way to dote the to-be-bride. It is generally a celebration involving women close to the bride who wish to shower their blessings and love before the wedding ceremony. Wedding are no doubt a joyous occasion. More

October 17

A guide for choosing your pets

Anatole France gave a famous quote “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” This is quite true, everyone needs someone on whom we can shower love, pamper it and gain unconditional love and get. More

October 15

Marriages that turned into world’s costliest divorces

When marriages take a bad turn, couples suffer and end up in a divorce. Divorces for layman can involve a lot of bickering, moving into new apartment, legal issues over children custody, and battles over everything from kitchen appliances to. More

October 9

Most eligible aged bachelors of all time

The hunt for eligible bachelors is an ongoing process. Each year we have a list of bachelors who are heartthrob for women. Some of them are very rich, some are politically strong, some others are socially influential, and of course. More

October 6

What an ideal home is like?

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. Each one of us seeks comfort and love at home. And an ideal home should provide for our needs. With growing times our needs have changed, and several things which. More

October 2