Checklist for selecting a good quality hotel

When you plan a vacation, one important question that pesters your mind is about accommodation. Selecting a proper hotel is quite important to make your trip pleasant and memorable. We have an array of options while selecting a hotel. Internet has made it possible to get number of matching results for our query regarding hotels. However, we cannot blindly follow this advice; we need to consider certain criteria in order to select the best option for us.

Few things you need to check while selecting a hotel are,

  • Price Range – Well, this is an important factor as hotels are available in wide range of prices. Depending on your budget you can select a proper hotel as per your needs.
  • Location – The next important thing is location. You may want to check-in in a hotel which is centrally located so as to gain easy access to tourist places, or you may want to look out for a hotel which is away from crowd and in calm, pleasant surroundings. So select the one as per your desire.
  • Amenities – Check for all in-house amenities. You may need a Wi-Fi connection, elevator, a special room, gym, pool or something else. Make sure you confirm for the availability of facilities you are looking for.
  • Complimentary stuff – Check if the hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, meals or any other consumable products.
  • Parking – If you are planning to drive to your destination, you would need a parking space. Availability, charge and security are few things you should check.
  • Pet-friendly – Make sure you are selecting a pet-friendly hotel, in case you intend to carry your pet along.
  • Room size/Number of persons allowed per room – Depending on the number of people planning to share a room you would have to select the rooms. As cost may vary according to size of room as well addition of extra person.
  • Review – Last but not the least, read few reviews prior to making decision. Hotel websites and other trip advisors may claim a lot of things, but it is necessary to get an unbiased opinion and overall idea about services, food, and location before you confirm your reservations.

Apart from above mentioned points few other things to be considered are – any extra charges, arrangements for sightseeing, whether the hotel entertains special request and identification proofs to be carried. Crosscheck everything you are looking before confirming your bookings; these efforts are essential to enjoy a good and happy stay.

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