Innovative uses of technology for daily chores

Technology has made a huge impact in our lives. Today it is impossible to imagine our life without technology. It is continuously advancing and providing society with better options to make lives easier. Technology is not just used in sophisticated processes but it has also become an integral part of our daily chores, be it cleaning, washing, throwing garbage, cooking etc.

Every morning each one of us craves for a cup of coffee. The process of coffee making which used to take around 15- 20 minutes has been drastically reduced by the introduction of coffee makers. Today markets have wide varieties of coffee making machines which would make your job of making coffee much easier than ever before.
Remember last time we got frustrated over shoe polish. It was a tedious and messy job to pick up brush and polish the shoe. The advent of liquid shoe polish with integrated brush has really simplified our job. Now it is just a matter of few minutes to finish this chore.

As a student we always had hard times to sharpen our pencil on regular basis to deliver legitimate hand writing. With the introduction of pen-pencils, we no more have to think of carrying a sharpener and worry about the sharpness of the blade. Just refill the pencil with the respective lead and continue writing. Awesome handy tool for everyone! Isn’t it?

Back home, moms had tough times cleaning kitchen platforms. There were times wherein one used to clean by means of tissues or cloth towels. Today we have a replacement called water wiper. It wipes off the leftover and water in one shot.

Offices generally face the problem of getting rid of papers like resume, old visiting cards etc. Disposing them was always a difficult job as they contain details of individuals and you don’t want them to be thrown carelessly in dustbin. With paper shredder, one can actually dispose these papers much more safely as compared to conventional techniques.

These are few examples of chores where innovative technology has made its mark and made our jobs easier than before. Technology has touched each and every aspect of our lives and with each invention is making our job more comfortable.

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