Few source of entertainment at your work place

Day long work and tiring meetings demand a break at work place and it may not be going out of your office and hanging out with your friends always. It can be a quick break online or offline. Following are some of the approaches through which you can break the boredom and set free.

  1. Social media: Social media platforms and networks are good source of taking an online break. One can browse through the social forum to find out the recent pic of your friend and have a quick chat on the same. At times this can also be used to browse through some recent news in your area of interest apart from work and professional life.
  2. Online games: There are many online websites which offer the users to play games without even installing it. Such sites can prove to be good source of entertainment and breaks. Make sure the gaming break is not extended though.
  3. E-paper: In recent times every newspaper and magazines are available online as well. These sites can also be used to surf recent news and take a break during the same.
  4. Online videos: Videos are the good means of entertainment. One can browse through some recent videos from YouTube or other video websites. As you surf through the videos make sure that videos don’t violate the guidelines of the organization or company which may land you in trouble.
  5. Music: Listening to songs while you work or after work is anytime relaxing and cools you off. Gone are the days when one has to download the songs and play them. These days we have many websites which stream online music from latest music albums and old albums free of cost. One can plug the earphones or headset, and listen to their favorite tracks and sit back and relax.

Although we have above sources of entertainment, one has to also make sure that we don’t violate the guidelines and take legitimate breaks. Few are some points which one has to keep in mind while looking out for entertainment sources in workplaces:

  1. Many companies monitor the online activities of their employees. So it is advisable to take breaks but not to an extent where you come under your company’s radar. Make sure your breaks are not frequent and not extended. After all the company pays for the assigned work.
  2. Some companies have firewalls to restrict the access to such websites and forums. It is strongly recommended not to come up with secret access to such sites. Believe it or not even if you get the access the company’s IT get the scorecard of what is being accessed by whom. Instead one can surf on his or her smartphone or call up a friend or family member to relax.
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