Going green: Save animals and maintain the equilibrium

Extinction is abeyance of species existence or group thereby reducing the biodiversity. It can be considered almost as the death of the last individual of the respective species. At the same time endangered species are the ones which can be considered as the ones which are likely to become extinct. If we happen to trace back the reasons of extinction, we would see that nature has played an important role in making animals extinct. Nature has contributed to animal extinction in the form of changes in climate over a particular region and biodiversity. Also as per Darwin’s rule, the fit would survive the battle whereby the weak would perish over time. Over the period of time, we have also seen humans contributing to a greater extent in making these animals disappear as if they never existed either by hunting or polluting the environment. Let’s have a glance through few of the animals which have either become extinct in the past or are on the verge of extinction:

  1. Dodo (Raphuscucullatus): Dodo bird was known as the native of Mauritius and it took mankind for less than 100 years to eradicate this bird. Not only the humans killed this bird but also introduction of other predator animals have also harassed these birds and their nests, ultimately erasing their footprints from earth.
  2. Dinosaurs: The huge Dinosaur has captured the hearts of every child and their extinction has been a topic of debate over the years. As the ecologists and paleontologists debate, the possible reason of their extinction can be attributed to one or all of the following reasons:
    • Meteorite crash into Earth causing cascade of events which cause extinction of many plant and animal species.
    • Eruption of volcanoes.
    • Food chain imbalances.
  3. Great Auk (PinguinusImpennis): Native of European regions, these Auks were killed by local habitants because of their belief that they were witch. They were also being hunted for their meat and their eggs. These Auks were last seen in 1844 off the coast of Iceland.
  4. Baiji White Dolphin: One of the recent examples of animal extinction can be traced to this species of Dolphin and humans have played a vital role in making them extinct. These dolphins were nearly blind but very intelligent species. They were native of Yangtze River in China and have fallen prey to hunters and fishermen.

The list of extinct species can go on and on. Saving animals is one important thing that we all need to focus on and it’s the need of the hour. Animals are also a part of our biodiversity. Plants and animals are always in need of each other and this way we all contribute equally to biogeochemical cycles. Apart from forming a part of these cycles, the animals also help us in many other forms. Moreover we also owe this to our future generation and as a result we all must strive hard to save endangered species. This way we can restore the nature’s balance.

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