Five phrases you should not use while talking with women

It is said – “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. Men and women behave differently, think in different ways and get offended by different emotions and words. Something words which may be very causal for a man may be a serious issue with women.

It is not easy to predict what may upset a woman but here are few phrases which you should avoid,

  1. You have gained weight – A must avoid statement. Never start a conversation on a girl’s figure, and embrace the trouble. And in case you are asked by your lady whether she looks fat, do not answer; gracefully divert the topic to some other compliment. In worst scenario if you have to answer it is fine to tell a lie and be happy rather than be honest and suffer.
  2. Why are you getting so upset –If she is upset, irritated or agitated there is no boundary to it. You cannot define how upset she could be, so don’t ask why are you getting so upset. Try to understand the reason behind her anger, be attentive and responsive. Don’t try to calm her down immediately, let time take its course.
  3. That chick is hot – Is a forbidden sentence. A woman may know she is not hot and someone else is prettier than her, but you need not be vocal about your feelings. Especially if you are dealing with a possessive or insecure women.  You better beware of mentioning your feeling regarding other females. And if pushed to answer say – “beauty lies in the eye of beholder so you are the prettiest of all”
  4. Your choice or It’s up to you –  RememberMen may be right or wrong, but a women is always right, however that does not mean you cannot decide anything. Your decision may hold no value at all but when you say it’s your choice or it’s up to you, it sends a wrong signal that you aren’t listening or aren’t interest. Say “I would like A, but B and C are also good and you are the best person to choose”.
  5. Nothing – Sounds surprising? How could a word as simple as nothing is listed here. But it can very much lead to problems. Saying nothing ends the conversation, and women loses chance to go ahead with their decisions, suggestion, ideas and argument. It also indicates you are hiding something, not interested in talking to her, your mind is somewhere else or you are probably going around with someone. Do not let her imagination run wild, avoid saying ‘Nothing’. Always have something to say, regarding what you were thinking; what is your decision on this etc. In fact you can keep few answers handy.

Any list of phrases to be avoided with women will always be incomplete as it is difficult to understand what exactly will upset women. As Oscar Wilde said “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood”.

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