Hard story of glamorous life: Life of a Model

A gorgeous body complimented by awesome looks, like those of models is a dream of every individual. Everybody admires such looks and feel jealous of those possessing them, but we fail to gauge the efforts put in to get that kind of look.

Rigorous workout is a must for a well built body. Exercising about 3-5 times a week and each sessions comprising of 1-2 hrs is the minimal that the model have to do. These workouts involve cardio, muscle toning and strengthening exercises. And just prior to a show they need to exercise 6 days a week with 2 hrs per day under personal trainer. Apart from the routine exercise Zumba, Pilates, ballet, swimming and dancing forms an integral part of their routine. Skipping exercise can prove quite harmful to these models.

Along with exercise it is also essential that they follow a strict diet plan. Like us, they can’t give in to temptations at every opportunity. Healthy organic food, fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, high protein food which may sound non-yummy to us is a crucial part of their diet. And in case they give a slip to their diet chart, it just increases the hours spent in gym.

Several other weight reducing options like pills, certain beverages or herbs are used quite often. Not only do they opt for these non-invasive techniques but surgical interventions such as liposuctions, bariatric surgeries are gaining popularity due to increasing demand of toned bodies.

To carry that run-way worthy face, models have to meticulously work on their skin, hair, face and other things. Models generally have planned schedules for skin or hair care. Several sessions of facials, cleansing; hair coloring, straightening or curling, various foot and hand care techniques are required to get that gorgeous look. Many models also opt in for surgical procedures to correct their lips, nose, face cut, etc. Such surgeries have lots of problems and care need to be taken associated with these procedures. Silicone breast implants or cosmetic hip and thigh implants, Botex injection are a routine thing today in glamour world.

Whether a model is naturally beautiful or on account of surgeries the efforts they put in cannot be underrated. Reaching a position in fashion industry is surely a tough job and each of them works immensely hard towards it.

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