Organizing simple yet funny party games

Party games add fun to the event and help break the ice. Funny party games fill the atmosphere with laughter and give your guest sweet memories to cherish. Here are few such easy non-frill fun games to make your party happening:

  • Honey I love you is a silly yet hilarious game. Your group sits in circle with one person in middle who can approach anyone and say –“Honey I love you, won’t u give me smile”. The person who is asked responds by saying “Honey I love you, but I just can’t smile”. The person in middle has to do anything to get this person smiling.
  • Two truths and a lie is a game generally played with people you don’t know much off. Everyone takes turn saying three statements about themselves – two are true and one is a lie. Others have to guess the lie.
  • One other funny game is freeze dance, which is more like a musical chair. However here you dance to the tune till the music is played and once the controller switches the music off you freeze in your position. The one who can hold longest wins.
  • If it’s a friend’s get together you surely know each other very well. Quick Alert Bingo is for such a group. When the guest arrives hand them a bingo card. They have to fill each square themselves based on what they feel the other would do like – John will brag about his new car, Jen will drink a martini, Ash will start a statement with the phrase – I mean and so on. As soon as the person does it you tick in the square, the first one to call bingo wins the prize.
  • Another funny game is eating cherries from a plate without using your hands. The one who can finish first or eats maximum wins. And you can add to the misery of the participants by covering the cherry plate with whipped cream. This will surely give you the best pictures of party.

A bag of fate consisting penalties, challenges, truth and dares for the player; Treasure hunts; memory games; guess the person are few other games that can add amusement to your party. So gear up for your party and select games which will make it a memorable one.

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