Interacting ethics with your male colleagues

Communication and ethics plays a crucial role in determining success in professional life. Every culture may have different interaction ethics to be followed between men and women. Some organizations may have their own set of principles as well. Evaluating your mannerism and self-presentation is very essential in professional environment. Here we are trying to understand few such ethics that help you avoid passing on wrong image as well as be influential amongst your co-workers.

  • Always appear elegant and poise. Chose your dress such that you look graceful and professional rather than seductive and sexy.
  • Avoid dangling jewelry, too high heels and other accessories. It is necessary to look polished and is fine to look fashionable, but there is a fine line between being considered as sexy distraction or an elegant professional.
  • In any official communication or discussion be straight on point. Do not try to seek sympathy or act like a coy bride. Unless you don’t position yourself as being equal, you would not be considered so.
  • If you are in a leadership position, give equal importance to all your subordinates. Do not shower your favoritism on a specific gender.
  • Use strong words rather than emotional ones. Some of them are – I want to versus I would love to, I recommend/suggest rather than maybe we/you should, it would be beneficial versus it would be good/nice. These words create a greater impact.
  • Know your stuff, read and learn about your work. This helps is gaining respect without demanding for it.
  • Do not be a man-eater. To be successful it is not necessary to let down your male colleagues and prove your greatness.
  • Do not discuss you personal issues inside office with your male/female colleagues. Discussing your private talks with a male colleague can indicate wrong things.
  • It is better not to talk against your females co-workers in front of male co-workers. Criticizing or making fun of women in your workplace can always backfire.
  • Remember to keep your personal and professional life apart. Do not indulge in personal talks or behavior while in office.

If you are on an official foreign tour, know about the culture. In countries like Saudi, Iraq it might be considered offensive to shake hand with males, while a peck and cheek is considered friendly in France.

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