Preparing a diet chart for weight management

Designing a diet chart is a tough job, but following one religiously is even tougher. We have tried to chalk out one for you which is relatively easy to follow and can be continued longer for effective results.

The foremost step it to decide on how much weight you need to reduce and then calculate your daily calories intake. Depending on your physical activity a 1200-1500 calorie diet should be good enough to maintain proper weight.

Breakfast – Eat Breakfast like king. Make sure you consume enough calories for breakfast and get them from healthy foodstuffs. A glass of skim milk, 1 cup coffee/tea with no or minimal sugar or a fresh fruit juice without sugar is considered healthy. 2 eggs omelets and multigrain bread toast, or cup of oatmeal or cornflakes, or bread with peanut butter or low fat cheese are few options. You can also try to consume fresh food.

Lunch – Plan your lunch carefully. Avoid junk food, deep fried or foodstuff contributing to many calories. A chicken or vegetable salad with good amount of fresh vegetables like lettuce, onions, tomato, and spinach with a tablespoon of olive oil makes a tasty lunch choice. Sprouts, whole wheat bread, brown rice and a fruit can be consumed. Cut down on white carbohydrates and consume more of proteins especially from lean meat or vegetable source. Add yoghurt to your diet as it helps digestion.

High time snacks –This is time when we fall for unhealthy stuff. The time between meals is something wherein we should keep a watch. Carry some fruits or almonds, or carrots, cucumber or a veggie dip can be consumed. A multigrain cake or a cup of yoghurt is good. Make sure you do not fall for fried stuff, high sugar beverages and overly salted snacks.

Dinner –Your dinner should be light. Salad or whole wheat bread sandwich is good for dinner. You can also consume grilled or smoked fish with vegetables. Steamed broccoli or a cup of hot rice is fine if you are very hungry.

The key is to have healthy, high protein food at regular intervals. Cutting down on unhealthy food between meals and replacing your snacks with fresh food helps a lot. Also consume sufficient quantity in each meal so that you do not feel hungry at random hours. Age, gender, and physical activity play a major role in deciding your calorie intake so design a chart considering these factors. In case you are suffering from any ailment make sure you have your doctor’s consent before you opt for any diet plan.

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