Responsibility of users while posting updates on social media profile

We all know that ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’, and this is applicable while we are active on our social networks as well. Social media is a powerful tool to reach out to millions of people, convey message as well as to connect with them. In this era of social media it is crucial to be careful about what you post and how you post, as lot of serious issues may arise otherwise.




Following are some pointers:

  • Never post any violent/illegal stuff: People often post violent videos or photos. These videos are not meant for weak heart and if seen can leave a profound effect on someone.
  • Refrain from objectionable posts: Any posts that may prove to be objectionable should not be posted on social media platforms. These posts are not only harmful but have also been confirmed to destitute someone’s life. Cyber laws have evolved to track such IPs so that any such offence can be stopped.
  • Stop bullying: Social networking site are often used to bully or offend someone. Bullying itself is a crime and bullying someone through social media is worst. Many cases have been reported wherein the person who was bullied has committed suicide.
  • Avoid emotional posts: Overtly emotional post should be avoided. Your feelings are meant to be shared with your loved ones and not with the entire world. Some comments on such post may further dishearten you, so it is better to avoid posting them.
  • Avoid nudity: Most social networking sites have stringent laws against nudity. Posting nude photos is considered as a crime.
  • Anti-religious comments: We see several conversations revolving around religion on social media. Some of these take a bad turn when people start blaming each other or insulting other people’s faith and believe. By avoiding anti-religious comments you are projecting both – respect for your own religion and tolerance to others.
  • Maintain privacy setting: Every social media forums are well equipped with privacy setting. Make sure you are acquainted with them and ensure that you have applied them properly. However, keeps a track of these setting as they evolve on daily basis.
  • Be careful with public or private post: Some post are meant only for your near ones, so make sure you post them privately. Posting them publicly may lead to gathering unwanted comments.
  • Logout from your accounts: Whether you are using your own laptop or PC or accessing your accounts from a cyber café, make sure you logout once done. By doing this you are minimizing the chances of your account getting hacked.

Social media can help you gain popularity, win justice, voice your opinion or promote your product. However, if handled carelessly it can tarnish your image and cause criminal proceeding leading to damage of your personal and profession life. Social media is like a double-edged sword and needs to be handled very carefully.

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