Art of kissing: Learn to kiss passionately

Philematology. – The study of kissing is an interesting one to learn and practice. Kissing has different significance in different cultures. Depending on the context; a kiss can be meant to express various emotions like love, romance, respect, affection, greeting or friendship.

A kiss that expresses love and affection is common across culture. Kissing is a physical expression of love between two people and could be for anyone. Kiss on cheek, lips or forehead signifies affection, gratitude, compassion and sympathy. A romantic or sexual kiss is more passionate and stands for physical intimacy between individuals and serves as a first exposure to sexuality. A kiss can also act as a gesture to indicate respect, devotion and greetings. Kissing a religious book or a temple’s floor is a ritual in some religions. Friendly kisses are a popular amongst some cultures as well.

Different types of kisses are meant for different kind of expression. Kissing on palm signifies respect or greeting, a peck is meant for greeting or seeing off, a French kiss indicates passion while a kiss on forehead expresses love.

Though kissing occurs naturally and generally need not be taught, yet some killer tips for passionate kissing can prove beneficial.

  • A refreshing breath is very important. Make sure you have not had onion, garlic or any such foodstuff which can cause bad breath. Consume a mint for a refreshing experience.
  • Do not choke or stop breathing. Just relax and breathe naturally to enjoy kissing.
  • Keep your arms busy. Pull your partner towards you or run your hand through your partner’s hair or caress his/her back or other parts of body.
  • Do not get distracted during kissing. Focus on your job like a full time professional.
  • Biting slightly or kissing on neck or other part of body can be very sensual.
  • There is no fixed duration for kissing and you can kiss as long as you enjoy it.

Kissing is not a just a technique it is a gesture to express your sentiments. So, do not struggle to achieve perfection, try to express your love though it.

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