What a dad must know or learn about babysitting?

In today’s world, where both parents have to work, the responsibility of babysitting lies equally on both. In fact it is more of parenting than babysitting and of course it is a payless job. Taking care of kids, is something mothers are more easily deal with and prefer to do it over fathers. But with fathers it can be a difficult task, though not for all. The thought of babysitting a child single handedly can give most dads sweaty palms and increased heartbeat. It is much easier to become a father than to be one.

However your baby is responsibility of both of you and it should be shared willingly. Here are few tips-

  1. Keep all the essentials handy – The baby needs to be fed often, so food supplies (as specified) should be readily available. Also, diapers are to be changed continuously so keep them handy.
  2. Follow a schedule – Note down the baby’s timing for nap, feeding and bathing. Follow it strictly to avoid difficulties.
  3. Emergency numbers – Keep your doctor’s, healthcare professionals and other important numbers within reach. In case of emergency you would panic if you cannot find them immediately.
  4. Keep the baby clean – Unchanged diapers, wet clothes or unwashed mouth can irritate the baby. It can also lead to infections, so make sure you clean the baby often. Babies tend to cry when they are cleaned, so make funny faces, sing nice song (unless the baby cries louder on hearing it) or give a toy to play.  Basically, you can show all your hidden talent to your baby.
  5. Maintain silence – When the baby dozes of to sleep, you might feel like screaming out of excitement and relaxation, don’t even try it. Maintain silence, watch your favorite show at low volume, listen to music or call up your friend. Remember if you disturb a sleeping baby and he/she wakes up, it would be a difficult task to put the child back to sleep.
  6. Don’t panic – Don’t compare yourself with the babies’ mom. They do it differently but that does not mean you did it wrong way. Learn carefully what you have to do and do it with love.
  7. Never leave the baby unattended. You cannot predict when they may toss or fall off.

It is a myth that dads cannot understand why a baby cries or what it needs, with time and love you can bond as much as moms do. Remember a Dad is son’s first hero and daughter’s first love.

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