Tips to choose your friends out of colleagues

Choosing right friends is very important and especially so when you have to select them from a group of office colleagues with whom you interact every day. In fact the line between friends and colleagues is quite blurred and it. More

November 11

A perfect way to do an office romance

Office or workplace romance exists when two members of a same organization develop a romantic relationship. This is often seen as a damage to moral and productivity in the workplace. Co-workers can get uncomfortable in the vicinity of these love. More

November 3

Highest earning sportsperson of 2014

According to the Forbes report of The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2014: Behind the Numbers, top 100 highest paid sport personalities across the world earned a collective of $2.75 billion over a span of 1 year which was up by 5%. More

October 30

Work from home – New working trend on rising

Maintaining work-life balance is getting difficult with increasing stress, work pressure and hectic schedules. Nuclear families and single parents face more difficulties as they have to struggle hard to manage their responsibilities at home and at office. The concept of. More

October 21

Best office bearers known to date

It is said, “Responsibilities lies on the head that wears the crown.” When any person acquires a particular position they enjoys authority, but they also has to handle a lot of responsibilities, face challenges and perform all the duties as. More

October 10

How to start your career in a new office?

Starting a career in a new job can be often never-racking. You might be excited about the opportunity but you would also be scared of meeting new colleagues, learning office etiquette and making a transition from college life to a. More

October 4

Best professional courses of 21st century

In today’s times where competition is at its peak, it is of utmost importance that you have acquired finest set of skills and make sure you are updated with the real time market needs. Selecting a professional course correctly is. More

October 3

Most dedicated and hardworking personalities

Legends born; survive all adversities, rise to pinnacle and die. What they leave? They leave their names behind, which is remember by generations long after they have all gone. They create their own destiny by defying all odds thrown towards. More

September 22

Taking care of a depressed colleague

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ is true even when it comes to colleagues. Our colleagues need our help when they pass through a bad phase in life or when some professional or personal issues make them depressed.. More

September 16

Few source of entertainment at your work place

Day long work and tiring meetings demand a break at work place and it may not be going out of your office and hanging out with your friends always. It can be a quick break online or offline. Following are. More

September 12