Stuff you need to pack for your weekend picnic bag

In today’s busy schedule, picnic provides a chance to relax and refresh. A picnic with friends or family gives us time to enjoy and come back to work with a fresh mind. This much awaited picnic should be well planned to avoid any unpleasantness.

A picnic plan starts with deciding a location, making reservations for transports and booking hotels. Equally essential is your packing. So here is a checklist of all that you may need to carry. Add to it or follow so as to avoid missing anything,

  1. Liquid Cash – We all are quite used to swiping cards and generally does not carry much cash. However if our weekend gateway is an unexplored or remote place, the chances of finding a ATM or using cards for paying bills is less. Hence carry enough cash to avoid crisis.
  2. Booking details – Make sure you have a hardcopy or electronic confirmations of all your bookings.
  3. Documents – I-cards, Driving License, Passport, PAN and Debit/Credit Card
  4. Umbrella/Sweaters/Summer coats/Sunglasses – Study the climate of your planned destination and carry stuff as per weather requirement
  5. Spare shoes – Chose shoes/sandals according to location. If possible carry a spare one with you.
  6. Clothes, Towels, and essentials.
  7. Gadgets – Cameras, batteries, mobile charges, mobiles, Ipad/Ipod, headsets.
  8. First Aid kit – Band-Aid, antiseptic, antibiotics, cream, scissors, medicines which you need regularly, mosquito repellents, anti-allergy medicines, antacids, pain killers etc.
  9. Toiletry kit – Brush, tooth paste, mouth wash, soaps, shampoos, hairoils, deodorants/perfumes.
  10. Makeup kit for women and shaving kit for males.
  11. Inflatable travel pillows, sleeping bags, earplugs.
  12.  Location maps.
  13. Foodstuffs
  14. Water bottles, energy drinks.
  15. Miscellaneous items – Contact lens and solutions/glasses, antibacterial wipes, video camera, tripods and much more.

This list may have a few additions depending on the type of picnic or location planned. An adventurous trip may need more essentials like – ropes, knifes, necessary medicines, special shoes, gloves, knee caps, etc.

Make a checklist of everything you may need and crosscheck it to avoid missing any items. Enjoy your picnic to fullest and come back with unforgettable memories.

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