Finding difficulty in coping with boss: Worry for many

When we think of a new job, along with good salary, culture and growth we also pray for an awesome boss. But as all humans are not equal so are all bosses – not equal and awesome. Leaving your job is one way to get rid of an irritating or ill-tempered boss, but this option is not always available with us and hence it is essential to learn to tackle all kinds of bosses. Here is how we can do it


  • Remember the boss is always right (at least he thinks so), so in most cases when you have a dominant and biased boss it is not compulsory being ill tempered like him and match his shouting. This would just lead to more chaos. So play cool.
  • Never take the comments from your boss personally. Sometimes your boss may not be as bad as you think, but he too might have a boss to face. Some comments may be a result of frustration, anger or stress; they may not be directed directly to you, but can sound so.
  • Do not allow your work to slide. Your boss may be a bad tempered person, but you should not compromise on your quality or quantity of work.
  • Everything said, do not bear his/her irrational behavior in silence. Try to make your point clear once he has cooled down.


  • Try to be professionally correct, so that your boss gets less chance to lose his temper. Be organized and have things handy when asked for.
  • Find a mentor. They will be helpful in resolving conflicts between you and your boss.
  • Look out for the triggers and avoid them in future.
  • Anticipate tasks and be proactive so that you can gain his/her confidence and trust.
  • If you are planning to escalate your issues with your boss, keep a track of the incidents and discuss it with the concerned person.
  • And try to have options. If things turn worst you should know where to knock.

Everyone is not lucky to get an understanding and good boss, but we got to cope-up with the one we have.

Some bosses are like cloud the moment they disappear, the day suddenly gets brighter.

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