Gynecologic problems you should not ignore

Most of the women tend to brush of pain as they are too consumed with their hectic schedules. However, something which they assume to be quite trivial can be as serious as cancer. Women needs to understand that health should always be the priority irrespective of other responsibilities, if you are healthy can surely shoulder a lot of tasks. Here we are enlisting few symptoms which should never be ignored.

  • If you have heavy menstrual bleeding or painful cramps that last for at least seven days, seek immediate help from a doctor. These could be symptoms of uterine fibroids. A lot of surgical as well as non invasive methods are available to treat these fibroids.
  • Irregular vaginal bleeding is yet another symptom which should never be ignored. This could be a sign of uterine cancer or endometrial cancer. Bleeding between periods, or during sex and if you have already undergone menopause, bleeding or spotting should be evaluated.
  • A bloated belly is a common phenomena if you eat or drink a lot, or during menstrual cycle. But if you keep feeling bloated even two weeks after your periods it is essential to check with a doctor. This could be a sign of ovarian cancer.
  • Vaginitis or vaginal infection can be caused by bacteria, yeast or other organisms. Vaginal discharge is generally clear and mucus like, however if you observe abnormal colors like green, yellowish or grayish with a foul odor, it is necessary to seek medical care. These infections if untreated can cause serious problems.
  • Constant urge to go to bathroom is also a serious issue unless you are pregnant or are drinking too much water/drinks. Constantly feeling bloated along with a recurring urge for urination, demands for medical attention.
  • Pain during intercourse followed by fatigue or bleeding could be a sign of endometriosis. Do not be embarrassed to discuss this out with your doctor.

Above mentioned symptoms are just a few, and you may be experiencing something entirely different. In any case if your symptoms persist for longer span do no shy away from visiting a doctor. Seeking medical assistance in time can prevent further complications.

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