Pregnancy guide for first time mothers

For most ladies pregnancy is the most awaited period of life. From the excitement of having baby to managing morning sickness and weight gain and due date, it is a worth enjoying experience for first time mothers.

Medically pregnancy is categorized into 3 trimesters and care during each trimester varies. Though each woman has a different experience in terms of symptoms faced, managing weight, food aversions or longing, some tips are for all. We have listed few –

  • Finding the right caretaker is the first priority. A good caretaker will ease a lot of problems and concerns.
  • Do not overdo your exercises, without consent from doctor.
  • Take care of what you eat. Try to consume fresh vegetables and food. Minimize your intake of soda; substitute it with fresh fruit juices.
  • Avoid uncooked meat, poultry or unpasteurized milk and cheese.
  • Minerals and vitamins may help your baby grow better. Follow your caretaker’s advice.
  • Avoid lifting heavy items. A maximum of 35lbs is fine.
  • Sleeping position is quite complicated during pregnancy. Sleeping on back can pressurize your back, and sleeping on stomach might get uncomfortable. The recommended position would be sleep on sides.
  • Take proper care while entering a sauna or hot bath. Avoid too hot water for longer hours.
  • Avoid cleaning pets and their fecal matter, as it may cause infections.
  • Go easy on clothes; enjoy shopping your maternity wear. Your body will soon outgrow your regular clothes; do not feel uncomfortable about it.
  • Enjoy your hobbies, read a book to the baby, listen your favorite music, decorate room for your baby. This will keep you peaceful and happy.
  • You may tend to feel tired.  Try to catch a nap when you do.
  • Quit smoking, alcohol or drugs. These habits may harm baby.
  • Go for your planned checkups and scans regularly.
  • Inform your doctor if you observe something abnormal like spotting.

Planning for a baby and he physical and mental changes associated with it can be quite overwhelming for first time pregnant ladies. Some may get stressed out while others might enjoy immensely. Pregnancy is a time when a women body blossoms to fullest and awaits the newborn.  Cherish each moment and capture the sweet memories in your camera. Enjoy the extra attention and ignore the weight gain.  Indulge in activities that you like, these days are special and will pass by soon, so make the
most out of it.

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