Best countries for immersion language learning courses

Immersion learning or language immersion is a method of learning second language through classroom learning as a medium of instruction for various subjects. Special programs like learning while participating in adventure sports, through community service, home stay with a local family and so on are used to teach this second language. The intention of these kinds of programs is to foster bilingualism.

Costa Rica is a popular destination for those wishing to learn Spanish in a fun a meaningful way. Costa Rica is a home of beautiful beaches and excellent wildlife. Selecting an adventure sport either along the coast or in mountains will add to the fun of learning Spanish. Water rafting along the rivers, hiking through beautiful landscape, or a riding Ziplines through canopy of rainforest is few adventures you can enjoy here. Also, volunteering for better life for children, understanding the social issues and staying with a Rican family helps you learn the language and culture with a firsthand experience.

Another known country for learning Spanish is Spain. Along with the intensive classroom training you also get an opportunity to experience the rich culture of the country. You can attend cooking workshops, participate in Castellers, attend or participate in Flamenco shows and also stroll around the enchanting cities like Girona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville and many more. Learning the language through these programs will also help you understand the culture and tradition of Spain.

Think of an immersion course for French and France tops your mind. A total immersion in French culture and country will help you learn the language in an easy way. Stay at a Teacher’s home, a life along French countryside, painting, sculpting, and jewelry making workshops will help you learn French in a better manner. Golf, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, horse riding and mountain biking are some outdoor activities that add interest to your course.

Learning German may be difficult if you learn it only for some hours a day. But if you hear the language in every corner, club, and campus and while you commute you can easily assimilate it. Taking up a course in Berlin, Munich or some other captivating city in Germany would help you overcome the challenge of learning German. And while you do so bring in your camera to enjoy the amazing scenery. Swimming in natural lakes, mountain walks, a walk around historic towns, snowboarding, ice skating are few activates that will make your course interesting and easy to learn.

Immersions learning through multidisciplinary ways helps you let go your fears, learn naturally while pursuing your routine activities or while enjoying some sport. It acquaints you with the language spoken in real life rather than the bookish one and also lets you admire the diverse culture of the native country.

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