Secrets of leaving office just in time

Work is a never ending process. You can never finish all of them in one sitting. Most of us get so drowned in our work that we are left with no time for our family, social life or hobbies. However, we should never forget that life is much more than just work. Socializing, spending time with loved ones and relaxing are more important. After all, you did not strive to get at your position to be a machine.

Here we are revealing few secrets to help you leave office on time

  • Stop following cultural rule like I should leave office only after my boss leaves, or it is a trend to stay back till 7pm and so on. Set your own rule, login on time and leave on time. Inform in your office that you have a regular commitment at say 5:30 or 6pm whichever is your logout time. So that they are aware you have to leave and do not plan stuff after the mentioned time.
  • Divide your work in grids – Say Grid 1- Very urgent, Grid 2- Urgent but not important, Grid 3- Important but not urgent and Grid 4- can wait. Start your work with Grid 1 and move down, you can afford to keep grid 3 or grid 4 on hold in case you run short of time. But by finishing the important and urgent task you make sure you don’t have to stay back late.
  • Plan your meetings/discussions early. You might not have control over how long they may run, so it is better to have them in mornings or early post lunch.
  • Do not overload your schedules. Understand how much time you would need for a particular work and set deadlines accordingly. Otherwise you may land up overworking to meet unrealistic deadlines.
  • Avoid long lunch breaks or tea breaks. They punch a big hole into your daily working hours and result in cramped schedules at the end of day.
  • Schedule weekly reviews. Plan for the following week and review the current one. By doing so you do not miss on any important task and also have an assurance that your work is being completed on time.
  • And most important do not feel guilty about leaving on time. As a salaried employee you are paid for certain hours a week/day. As long as you are fulfilling those hours and completing your task successfully there is no reason to feel guilty.

Leaving office on time is a sign of your effectiveness, ability to prioritize work and smartness. By giving yourself enough time to be with family and friends, pursue a hobby or just relax you are adding value to your life. Remember – Interest in your client or company is not more important that of your family.

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