Tips to make love making enjoyable and interesting

Has your love life gone to sleep? Many couples never try anything new and this leads to boredom. Not being happy below sheet can cause a tiff in your relation. There are hundreds of ways to make your love life interesting; we are trying to check a few of them

Try love making at a different place – Well, the bed is not the only place to make love. Try something exciting like in some different room, a wild one on a table, on beach or some other place that you always fantasized. Sneaking out in your childhood bedroom when at parent’s house can be enjoyable too.

Create an ambience – Love making turns dull over the time. Creating some ambience like playing soft music, a dim light setup, using perfumed candles or a bed full of rose petals can surely turn you on.

Fantasize – Everybody has a secret fantasy about their love life. Try some role play to open those secret fantasize. Don’t be judgmental about it, just enjoy it. This trick certainly works.

Be sensual – Don’t have sex as of you got to finish some work. Be erotic and sensual. Have some cuddling and loads of kissing and of course whisper into each other’s ears. Dressing especially for your bed time can make love making more interesting.

Say something naughty – Add spice to your love making by saying something naughty. Uttering new phrases can turn your man on.

Minimize distraction – Make yourself comfortable, turn on air-conditioning so heat doesn’t bother you. Remember to switch off your phone; a beeping phone can distract a lot. Keep your tensions and stress out of your bedroom. You can de-stress yourself by taking a hot water bath, going for long walk or getting a relaxing massage.

Speak up – Your ideas of enjoying love making can be different than that of your partner. Rather than being upset when he/she doesn’t fulfill your unsaid expectation, communicate.

Quickies, make-up sex, fantasy sex or a relaxing encounter have their own fun.

Use your imagination and revive your lost fun by trying new ways of love making. The advantage of being with someone with a longer time makes your more relaxed, comfortable and trying new things can be safer.

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