Top technologies at CES-2014

CES 2014 witnessed an overwhelming response to approximately 3000 exhibitors showcasing cool gadgets and trending technologies. Let’s review few technologies and also some of the coolest gadgets which stood out of all and may be the trending trend in the coming months.

  1. 4K TV: Both Samsung and LG have announced their plans to introduce 4K TVs into the market. These are huge televisions with curved displays and producing the best picture quality possible as of today. In the coming months, the technology will also mature at this front with addition of new features. The introduction of this technology undoubtedly would add a new dimension to the way we watch TV at our home.
  2. Wearable Gear: As the mobile technology progresses on daily basis, the wearable gears are making debut by big brand companies. CES 2014 too witnessed few of them like solar bikini. We expect to see few more wearable gadgets and gears similar to smart watches or fitness tracker like Nike+Fuelband.
  3. Biometrics: With iPhone 5S, the technology of biometrics have been considered as a doable technology for the consumers. More and more smartphones and tablets in pipeline plan to equip themselves with this cool technology.
  4. 3-D Printing: In recent years, 3-D printing is one of the innovative technologies which are catching everyone’s attention. The cost and the time may take this technology to a back seat but 2014 may witness a good momentum to address these issues and make 3-D printing and affordable one.

Along with these coolest technologies, there are smart gadgets which have received an amazing response from the audience:

  1. Parrot MiniDrone: Unlike Amazon drones which deliver products to its customers, parrot drones come with extra sensors and more features which will make you say Wow on experiencing it.
  2. Iris Scanner: Compared to fingerprint scans, the iris scans are more reliable. We had Eyelock’smyiris which is a USB device to plug into your system and can take your iris scan as your password to gain entry to websites. Just look into the device and it captures your iris scan. Isn’t it cool?
  3. K1 Processor: Nvidia revealed a powerful processor which gives computing power an edge. It has an ability to bring console games to live with its stunning real graphics. It is believed, these processors will give strong competition to its competitors specially Apple.

Bendable TV: Samsung introduced an innovation in the domain of curved television. With a tap in the remote the TV can actually bend giving the audience a superior and rich experience. CES 2014 witnessed just a prototype of this system but it is worth remembering it.

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