How I choose my specs?

Eye glasses, specs or spectacles are frames bearing lenses worn in front of eye to correct vision. You may need specs to correct long or short sightedness. Apart from correcting eye sight issues specs also add style and reflect your. More

November 5
Beauty & Fashion

Some awesome apparel for winter

Winter, probably the most dreaded season for fashion-lovers is coming soon. However, winter does not mean wearing heavy clothes anymore. The old fashioned knit jackets and extra layers of dull clothes can be replaced with light yet warm clothes and. More

October 27
Beauty & Fashion

Best hairdos options for brides

Your big day planning includes details of your guest list, wedding speech, bridal gown, makeup and of course your hairdo. Every bride wants to look best on her wedding day and apart from awesome dress and amazing makeup, an elegant. More

October 22
Beauty & Fashion

Top male fashion models for 2014

When we talk about supermodels, we think of the beautiful, graceful ladies who elegantly walk the ramps, pose for big brands and steal our hearts. We have several lists which showcase these beauties, but this list is about the top. More

October 14
Beauty & Fashion

These girls looked awesome on their wedding

Wedding are special, and celebrity wedding are still more due to the attention it receives from society, media and their own close knits. When it comes to wedding, bride-to-be are extra cautious about their outfits, hairstyles, makeup and overall look.. More

September 30
Beauty & Fashion

Most beautiful and famous chubby ladies

A beautiful woman is very often described as one with good complexion, a nice face cut, gorgeous hair and most importantly someone with an hour glass figure. However we see a lot of plus-size beauties as well, who carry themselves. More

September 24
Beauty & Fashion

Best fashionable pregnant ladies of all time

Gone are the times when ladies tried to hide their baby bump. Today celebs all round the world love to flaunt their blossoming bump with grace and confidence. These celebrities are a good inspiration to others while they wear the. More

September 18
Beauty & Fashion

List of fashion conscious politicians

Gone are the days when politicians paid no heed to fashion. Today, political figures around the world are stepping into the designer shoe as and when they get an opportunity. Style and fashion is now used as a tool to. More

September 13
Beauty & Fashion

List of best products for Men’s hair

Whether you want to sport a classic hairstyle or a trendy one, you do need to have healthy hair. Well maintained hair is not as difficult to achieve as it seems. We are generally too overwhelmed by the hair care. More

September 10
Beauty & Fashion

Men’s dressing tips for corporate meetings

The way you dress, groom and carry self plays a significant role in creating an impression especially during corporate meetings. When it comes to business meetings you need to know about the culture of the company, how your counterparts dress. More

September 6
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