Few amazing third generation smartphones

Mobile phones were born when few of the mobile radio users made use of the technology to communicate with one another. From being stationary, the phone technology was explored to be mobile in real sense. Mobile phone industry has witnessed. More

November 7

Technological applications in medical sciences

Technology has advanced and has been advancing to an extent and it has left no stone unturned in all the aspects of our lives. Gone are the times when medical sciences were available only for the people who could afford. More

October 28

Best Tech blogs for your regular tech updates

Technology has been updating on daily basis and it’s the need of the hour to be updated with the latest and ongoing technology updates and developments. There are many blogs which would help one to be aware of the latest. More

October 20

Success story of iPhone 6

iPhone, a smartphone which everyone would like to possess. More than a status symbol it has now become a matter of pride for iPhone lovers. It is the product line of Apple Inc. which comes with pre-loaded Apple iOS operating. More

October 13

How Mobile industry grew so big

­Mobile phones have evolved over the period of time. From being a simple device which one could use to make calls or send short messages it became something which has potential to replace every other electronic gadget is quite exciting.. More

October 11

Some amazing use of Robotics Engineering

An example of interdisciplinary science which has brought together several branches of science and engineering is Robotics. It can be defined as a branch of engineering which has emerged out of amalgamation of mechanical, electrical engineering and computer science. In. More

October 7

Use of Technology in disaster management

Disaster management is one of the important areas where a nation has to look into and make sure this process is well equipped. No one knows when a country may hit by any disaster and emergency springs into action. Since. More

September 23

Best all time free online games

Online games are best source of entertainment as one need not worry about installation and occupying the hard disk space. Instead one can directly browse through some of the websites and play online games for free of cost and get. More

September 16

Few tips to take care of your PC

Electronic devices need high level of cleanliness and maintenance in order to improve their life span and productivity. From external dusting to internal chip cleaning, one needs to be vigilant so that we derive the maximum benefit out of it.. More

September 12

Top technologies at CES-2014

CES 2014 witnessed an overwhelming response to approximately 3000 exhibitors showcasing cool gadgets and trending technologies. Let’s review few technologies and also some of the coolest gadgets which stood out of all and may be the trending trend in the. More

September 9