Around the world in 80 Days – Must visit places

“Around the World in Eighty Days” is a classic adventure novel published in 1873, which describes the exciting and fun-filled journey of Phileas Fogg and his newly employed French valet. This book is a good read and also an inspiration. More

November 10

Few honeymoon paradises on the Earth

After the stress of planning wedding and the draining task of arranging and attending all functions, honeymoon is a relief for the newlywed couples. The lush green mountains, picturesque landscapes, white sandy beaches bring peace and romance into your life.. More

November 1

Cities with very enjoyable night life

When sun goes out few cities come alive. Bars, clubs, night shows, casinos add colors to these iconic cities and make them enjoyable for night owls. Let us check few such cities around the world where party time never seems. More

October 25

Cities for business travel you shouldn’t say no to

Business always interferes with pleasures but it makes other pleasures possible. Going by this statement, we have listed common business travel destinations and few suggestions to make a business travel a pleasure trip. New York – Soaring skyscrapers, monuments, famous. More

October 1

Pack your bag for World’s best road trips

Road trips are a classic way to explore places. You can experience beautiful nature, charming water fronts, awesome food at road-side restaurants and great interaction with localities in such kind of trips. It gives you an opportunity to witness the. More

September 27

Top 10 world heritage around the world

A site is referred to as World Heritage Site when it is listed by the UNESCO organization as a special, physical or of cultural significance. UNESCO today has more than 1000 sites in its list and the number keeps increasing. More

September 20

An expedition to Far East: Tourist destinations of Asia

Asian tourist spot are rapidly gaining popularity owing to their picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches and hill stations, varied culture, mouthwatering cuisines and affordability. Here are few options for you. Malaysia – A popular tourist destination in Asia, Malaysia has been. More

September 15

Best romantic places of the world

Few places around the world are said to have love in air. Such romantic gateways need not have pampering hotels, candle light restaurants or other luxurious amenities, but the feel you get here is both relaxing and enchanting. Let’s explore. More

September 11

Best countries for immersion language learning courses

Immersion learning or language immersion is a method of learning second language through classroom learning as a medium of instruction for various subjects. Special programs like learning while participating in adventure sports, through community service, home stay with a local. More

September 8

Famous American beaches on Caribbean side

Want to experience beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters and white or pretty pink sand, and of course corals and reefs? If so, then head to Caribbean beaches. Turquoise waves and sun kissed beaches are here to welcome you. The number. More

September 4