Checklist for selecting a good quality hotel

When you plan a vacation, one important question that pesters your mind is about accommodation. Selecting a proper hotel is quite important to make your trip pleasant and memorable. We have an array of options while selecting a hotel. Internet. More

September 1

Famous shopping destinations for hardcore shopaholics

Shopaholics can shop anywhere and anytime, but knowing where to shop is an added advantage. Here is a list of few shopping paradise. These can surely be your next travel destination as well. Dubai – Dubai does not have a. More

August 27

Mysterious destinations of the world

Science has solved many mysterious of nature; however there are still few unresolved ones. The mystical points have raised curiosity since ages and several theories have been put forth to explain their existence, however most of them are still unexplained. More

August 23

What is so different about medical tourism?

Medical costs are appreciating day by day. A major share of income or saving is used up during a medical emergency. Right from checkups, surgeries or other treatment to cost incurred on hospital stay, the prices have grown enormously in. More

August 20

Places that you must visit in last two days of your life

Death is inevitable. Throughout our lives we strive to achieve something or other, but when we are on the verge of death only content and peace of mind matters. There is a famous quote by Rabindranath Tagore – “Let life. More

August 16

Top tourist destinations for adventure sports

Love rock climbing, kayaking, scuba diving of mountain biking? Want to explore some adventurous travel destinations to add thrill to your life? Here is the list of few such fun places. Rock climbing at Yosemite – Rock climbing is a. More

August 13

Top 5 most preferred tourist destination on our globe

Our world is full of beautiful places. From snow-clad mountains to green plateaus, tropical forest to dry deserts, there is enormous variety to enjoy. Each one of us longs for a special place to relax and experience the uniqueness. Here. More

August 11

Stuff you need to pack for your weekend picnic bag

In today’s busy schedule, picnic provides a chance to relax and refresh. A picnic with friends or family gives us time to enjoy and come back to work with a fresh mind. This much awaited picnic should be well planned. More

August 2