Tips to dress according to your figure and looks

The trick to look good is not blindly following trends or choosing an expensive dress, it is to know your body type and dress accordingly. Your figure, complexion and age decide the kind of outfit that look better on you.. More

September 3
Beauty & Fashion

Make up tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Several websites provide tips for wearing makeup. Sometimes assimilating these tips can be overwhelming. Makeup depends a lot on factors such as your age, complexion, face cut, seasons, occasions and many more. We have tried to compile few dos and. More

August 30
Beauty & Fashion

Fashion shopping wish list of teenager

Most teenagers are shopaholics. Their list is never ending and comprises of street clothes, designer wear, funky accessories, faded/torn jeans, huge belts, branded shoes or simple slippers or handbags or designer wallets. Even most of the shops showcase their products. More

August 29
Beauty & Fashion

Taking care of your hair in humid weather

Those who have visited hot and humid tropical regions or those who stay there, will tell you that taming your frizz is a very difficult task in such climate. You can wear a cap or scarf to protect your hair. More

August 26
Beauty & Fashion

Tips for taking care of your feet in chilling winter

Your feet endure most when you neglect them. They carry you everywhere and bear your weight, so they deserve a lot of care. Foot care is necessary irrespective of seasons, however during winter you need to put in extra efforts.. More

August 21
Beauty & Fashion

Every odd is a style: Few weird fashion trends

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening… If you ever travel back in time, you would be. More

August 18
Beauty & Fashion

Maintenance tips for your long grown nails

Who doesn’t want to have long, strong and beautiful nails? Though we all want to flaunt neatly kept healthy nails, it is considered to be a tedious task. Let us have a look at some simple ways to maintain stunning. More

August 14
Beauty & Fashion

How David Beckham became inspiration for my hairstyles?

David Beckham is an undisputed midfield footballer and a global fashion trendsetter. Beckham had been experimenting with his hairstyle continuously and his huge fan base keeps following him inch by an inch. From thick shaggy colored hair style to Mohawk. More

August 7
Beauty & Fashion

Spring and winter fashion tips for women

Once the hot summers and wet season of rains are gone, we welcome spring and winter. Spring brings with it beautiful colours of nature, the bright flowers and green leaves makes our life cheerful while winter provides chilling cold. For. More

August 1
Beauty & Fashion

Mohawk hairstyle – back to 70’s again

Mohawk is a unique hairstyle in which both the sides of head are completely shaven with a long strip of hair at the centre. The name Mohawk hairstyle was derived from the Mohawk tribe residing in North America. Mohawks did. More

August 1
Beauty & Fashion