Hollywood actors who never get old

Here is our list of evergreen actors from Hollywood. It could have been a huge one, given our immensely talented Hollywood stars, but we limited ourselves with some of our favorites. Eli Wallach – Elli Wallach tops our list. To. More

September 26

Some famous and successful interracial marriages

Interracial marriages are a commonplace today and most people would not even give a second thought. However, just a few years ago this was not the case and successful interracial marriages were a rare occurrence. Marriages between Black and an. More

September 19

Hard story of glamorous life: Life of a Model

A gorgeous body complimented by awesome looks, like those of models is a dream of every individual. Everybody admires such looks and feel jealous of those possessing them, but we fail to gauge the efforts put in to get that. More

September 15

Organizing simple yet funny party games

Party games add fun to the event and help break the ice. Funny party games fill the atmosphere with laughter and give your guest sweet memories to cherish. Here are few such easy non-frill fun games to make your party. More

September 11

Guide for choosing your theme party

Parties are great way to have fun and frolic and theme parties make it even better. Whether it’s a birthday party for kids or just an adult’s get together, a bridal shower or a tea party, adding a theme to. More

September 8

Disastrous movies which won critics acclaim

The list of movies which were a box-office hit and were also critically acclaimed is huge, but there is also a big list of movies which could not leave their mark on audience but were appreciated by film critics. Let’s. More

September 4

Some funny baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower is a time for fun and frolic. It is the right time to gift the to-be-parent something useful, practical or something funny to ease their apprehensions and share a laugh. Conventionally baby shower gifts comprise of books on. More

September 1

I won’t come back home before 1:30 AM tonight

Day in and day out, but there is nothing like night out. For all party animals partying hard at night is the best way to spend it. Clubs, Bars, Discos, night parties or just enjoying at a friend’s place is. More

August 27

Art of kissing: Learn to kiss passionately

Philematology. – The study of kissing is an interesting one to learn and practice. Kissing has different significance in different cultures. Depending on the context; a kiss can be meant to express various emotions like love, romance, respect, affection, greeting. More

August 23

Few things you should know about spa

The idea of going for a spa is always tempting. When you just want to relax, or want to take care of a chronic pain or medical ailment, spa seems to be a fascinating solution. Spa offers a holistic way. More

August 22