Best wedding gifts from a father to his daughter

Wedding is the most awaited day in any girl’s life. Wedding is a special day not only for the bride but also for the bride’s father. This is the day when he would give his daughter to her love and. More

August 20

Mixing your social and professional life wisely

We all are living a pretty hectic life these days. Maintaining a healthy work-family balance is a biggest challenge faced by us. With increasing work hours, packed schedules and enormous tension, it has become difficult to find time for self. More

August 15

Tips to make love making enjoyable and interesting

Has your love life gone to sleep? Many couples never try anything new and this leads to boredom. Not being happy below sheet can cause a tiff in your relation. There are hundreds of ways to make your love life. More

August 13

A rising culture on the horizon: Single Motherhood

There is a dramatic rise in the number of single mothers in recent years. In US as of 2013, there are around 12 million single parent families out of which 80% are headed by single mothers. Single motherhood could be. More

August 12

Great social messages passed through Commonwealth games Glasgow 2014

Glasgow is staging the world’s largest and prestigious game event – 20th Commonwealth Games for 2014. Thousands of athletes are participating in more than 250 events. Ever since its announcement in 2007, Glasgow has strived to use this opportunity not. More

August 11

Qualities I would like to see in my woman

Every man ponders about the qualities he would like to see in his dream girl. The list can be quite big but it also needs to be reasonable. Contrary to what most women feel that they need to be super. More

August 9

Things you must strictly avoid on your first date

You might be a cool person but going on a date for the first time can make anyone nervous. Nevertheless it will also be exciting as you are about to discover a lot of things about the other person. A. More

August 9

Qualities I would like to see in my man

The list of qualities that you would want to see in your perfect match can be indefinite. Every girl has some dreams about her love life and her partner. To spend a happy life, we wish to meet our Mr.. More

August 8

All women club: Top famous socialites of 2014

Socialites and celebrities live a very busy life attending parties, setting fashion trends, setting red carpet functions on fire, featuring in reality shows and remaining in news for all the good reasons. Gossips regarding these socialites are an interesting topic.. More

August 7

Personal gizmos that you must keep away from your wife

Personal gizmos are best friend of a man if wife is his love. Though he likes both of them, most of the time they may not get along well. So it is advisable to keep some of your beloved personal. More

August 6